Lunch Menu

All lunch items are $12.95 and include a 20 ounce Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Raspberry Iced Tea or Water.

Lunch Menu

All prices may be subject to change.


Alaskan Cod
Pacific Ocean. Grilled or blackened.
Boston Cod
Pan Sautéed served over rice with a garlic Parmesan crust
Mississippi farm raised Best blackened or fried
Florida Best blackened or fried
Canadian Atlantic. Grilled, jerked or blackened.
Florida Best blackened or fried
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Other Favorites

Almond Crusted Chicken
A fresh chicken breast sauteed in almonds and butter and then topped with a spicy Asian peanut sauce. Served over a bed of rice.
Chicken Parmesan
A deep-fried chicken breats topped with linquine Marinara and fresh Parmesan cheese.
Chicken Piccatta
A fresh chicken breast and mushrooms sauteed in lemon caper butter and served over a bed of rice.
Fish and Chips
Alaskan Cod filets in an English-style beer batter, fried to golden perfection. Served with crispy fries
Fried Shrimp
Eight large shrimp fried to a golden brown and served with your choice of side item.
Portobello Chicken
A fresh chicken breast pan-roasted in garlic, topped with sauteed baby portobello mushrooms and finished with a portobello cream sauce. Served over rice.
Sauteed Shrimp Scampi
Eight medium shrimp sauteed in tasty garlic butter, topped with a layer of cracker crumbs, Parmesan cheese and baked. Served with your choice of side item.
Seafood Enchiladas
Sweet, tender bay shrimp and scallops sauteed with onions, red peppers, and green chilies, then wrapped in flour tortillas and drowned in Monteray Jack cheese.
Shrimp Piccatta
Eight large shrimp and mushrooms sauteed in lemon caper butter and serverd over a bed of rice.
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Jackson's Pasta
Blackened chicken atop linguine covered in a creamy alfredo sauce with parmesan cheese.
Scallop Alfredo Pasta
Sweet scallops and sweet peas in a creamy Alfredo
Shrimp Scampi Linguine
Tender shrimp in a rich Alfredo sauce with linguine and parmesan cheese.
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Salad Dressings

Cabernet Vinaigrette
Home made!
Creamy Blue Cheese
Home made!
Dorthy Lynch style
Home made!
Strawberry Vinaigrette
Home made!
Thousand Island
Home made!
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Salad Toppers

Fried Calamari
Fried Clams
Fried Shrimp
Grilled or Blackened Chicken
Grilled or Blackened Salmon
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Almond Chicken Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach tossed in a sweet strawberry vinaigrette with fresh Mandarin slices, diced onions, water chestnuts and slivered almonds. Topped with an almond crusted chicken breast.
Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with creamy Caesar dressing, croutons, fresh mushrooms, and onions With your choice of topping (salmon, chicken, fried clams, fried shrimp, or fried calamari)
House Salad
Iceberg and romaine lettuce, hard boiled egg, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, black olives and croutons served with French bread and your favorite dressing. With your choice of topping (salmon, chicken, fried clams, fried shrimp, or fried calamari)
Jimmy's Sonoran Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce hand-tossed with tomatoes, onions, crumbly blue cheese and avocados in Charlie's own cabernet vinaigrette dressing. With your choice of topping (salmon, chicken, fried clams, fried shrimp, or fried calamari)
Warm Bacon Spinach Salad
Fresh spinach topped with mushrooms, onions, Gorgonzola cheese, avocado and a hard boiled egg Topped with a pan grilled chicken breast Hot bacon vinaigrette on the side
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Charlie's Burger
8 ounce patty of our own ground filet mignon with American cheese topped with avocado, lettuce tomato and bacon
Chicken Club Sandwich
Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, fresh avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, on a toasted hoagie
Classic B.L.T.
On a toasted hoagie topped with 9 slices of bacon, fresh tomatoes and shredded lettuce
French Dip
Shaved prime rib on a hoagie with lettuce and tomato on the side. Served with piping hot au jus.
Fried Grouper Sandwich
On a toasted bun with tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes
New England Lobster Roll
A Boston favorite! A simple lobster salad with chopped celery, salt and pepper. Served in a toasted split top bun.
Prime Rib Philly
Loaded with mushrooms and thinly sliced strips of steak, then topped with slices of pepper jack cheese.
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Side Dishes

Clam Chowder
Homemade with Bacon & potatoes
French Fries
Steak cut fries
Fresh Fruit
Varies per season
Rice Pilaf
Filled with peas, red peppers and green onions
seasonal vegetables

See your server for todays choice?

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Artichoke Dip
A rich blend of artichoke hearts, spices and Parmesan cheese baked to a golden brown. Served with seasoned flat bread.
Asian Boneless Wing
Grilled Jamaican jerked, Topped with sliced almonds and scallions with a drizzle of peanut sauce.
Bacon and Potato Skins
Fried potato skins filled with crispy bacon, topped with melted cheddar cheese and scallions
Baked Escargot Havarti
A delicacy! Greek snails sauteed in garlic butter, covered with rich Havarti cheese, and baked. Served with French bread.
Baked Scampi Havarti
Gulf shrimp sauteed in garlic butter, smothered with creamy Havarti cheese, and baked. Served with French bread. Try it half & half style with shrimp and escargot!
Boneless Wings
Tender, juicy chicken fried to a crisp and tossed in Cajun butter.
Chicken Quesadillas
Fresh chicken breast blackened, smothered with Cheddar and jack cheeses between crisp flour tortillas. Served with salsa, black olives, and sour cream.
Crab Rangoons
Filled with crab and cream cheese. Served with a sweet chili sauce
Steamed Topped with sea salt or lemon pepper seasoning.
Fried Calamari
A generous serving of freshly cut squid rolled in our seasoned flour fried topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Served with marinara sauce. Or try it tossed in buffalo sauce!
Fried grouper fingers
Lightly breaded Served with our home made tartar sauce
Fried Raviolis
Filled with beef and ground sausage Served with marinara
Fried Walleye

½ a pound of fried Wisconsin walleye fingers

served with our own tartar sauce

Gorgonzola Beef Tips
Beef tips sauteeed in garlic butter Topped with a melted gorgonzola cheese crust Served with French bread
Gorgonzola Shrimp
Served like our famous Havarti shrimp! 6 shrimp baked with Gorgonzola cheese and served with French bread.
Iced Shrimp Cocktail (08)
Steamed and chilled
Iced Shrimp Cocktail (12)
Sumptuous medium shrimp boiled and chilled.
Iced Shrimp Cocktail (18)
Sumptuous medium shrimp boiled and chilled.
Jumbo Fried Clams

3/4 of a pound

Breaded in this East coast beer batter Served with cocktail sauce

Maryland Crab Dip
Wonderful Maryland blue crab concocted with cream cheese and a variety of tasty spices. Served with freshly made corn chips salsa.
Omaha Bull Wings
Buffalo is famous for their chicken wings - now try it the Omaha way! A half-pound of beef tips lightly blackened and cooked to order. Served on a bed of fresh spinach with homemade bearnaise dipping sauce.
Oysters on the half shell (12)
Freshly shucked oysters, with cocktail sauce, horseradish, and tabasco.
Oysters on the half shell (6)
Freshly shucked oysters, with cocktail sauce horseradish, and tabasco.
P.E.I. Mussels
2 lbs steamed in the shell With a white wine garlic broths Or With a Italian tomato vegetable broth Topped with crumbled gorgonzola Served with French bread
Popcorn Crawfish Tails
Breaded in a soft-shell breading, topped with Creole seasoning and served with cocktail sauce.
Pork Pot Stickers
Filled with pork and vegetables, deep fried and served with a spicy chili pepper sauce.
Sauteed Artichoke Hearts
Pan roasted with garlic and herbs Topped with a parmesan crust
Shrimp Largo
8 large shrimp bacon wrapped, grilled, and served on a bed of ginger sauce.
Tuna Sampler
A full pound of diced Hawaiian tuna. Seared rare. Spicy Wasabi cream, Thai Peanut And sesame ginger sauce.
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Charlies Home Made Desserts

Seasonal Cheesecake
Ask your frindly server for details!
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Coffee and Dessert

Fuzzy Slippers
Vermeer Dutch Chocolate, coffee and whipped cream.
Indian Summer
Butterscotch Schnapps, Bailey's and coffee topped with whipped cream.
International Coffee
Bailey's Irish Cream, Amaretto and Frangelico.
Irish Coffee
Jameson Irish whiskey and coffee topped with whipped cream and creme de menthe.
Millionaire Coffee
Kahlua, Amaretto, Bailey's, Grand Marnier and Frangelico.
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